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Advanced Branding
  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration: 01h 06m
  • Release date: 2016-08-26
  • Author: Brad Batesole
  • Provider: Lynda

Advanced Branding


How deeply have you thought about your brand? Is it intentional, or just an afterthought? What does each component—your logo, your website, your service, and even your culture—say to customers? Advanced branding means thinking about what distinguishes your company from the rest, and incorporating it into every single touchpoint of the business: design, messaging, marketing and PR, and company vision. Learn what branding really is, how it works, and how you can build and maintain a more competitive brand, in this course with marketing expert Brad Batesole. Explore best practices for researching, developing, visualizing, and managing your brand, and learn about incorporating your brand throughout various customer touchpoints and keeping tabs on your brand as your company grows. Topics include: Explain the definition of a brand. Describe the purpose of a brand. Identify the purpose of a brand strategy. Summarize the steps for creating a vision statement. Determine the purpose of a touchpoint. Distinguish between two types of brand detractors. Recall the elements necessary for achieving high brand equity.