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1Z0-1072-21 OCI Architect 2021 Associate 2021
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-02-17
  • Author: Paul Newman
  • Provider: Udemy

1Z0-1072-21 OCI Architect 2021 Associate 2021


This course prepares students with strong foundational knowledge in architecting infrastructure using OCI services, and get them ready for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Certification.OCI Introduction: OCI Overview; OCI ArchitectureIdentity and Access Management (IAM); Policy Inheritance and Attachment for compartments; Conditional Policies; Advanced Policies; Tag-Based Access Control; Dynamic GroupsNetworking: VCN Intro; CIDR; VCN Basics; Security Lists and NSG; VNICs and IP Addressing in Virtual Cloud Networking; Private IP addresses; Public IP addresses; BYOIPLocal and Remote Peering; Transit Routing; DRG Enhancements; VCN Connectivity; VPN Connect; FastConnect; Domain Name System; Public DNS Zones; Private DNS Zones; Traffic ManagementLoad Balancer Concepts; Public and Private Load Balancer; Load Balancer Policies, Health Checks; Network Visualizer; Inter-region Latency DashboardCompute; Image Options - Import/Export, BYOI, Custom Image; Auto Scaling; OS Management; Preemptible Instances; Burstable Instance; VM Migration; Capacity Reservations; Dedicated VM Hosts; Block Storage; Performance Tier; Backup and restoration; Resizing a block volume; Volume Groups; Boot Volumes; Cloning; Cross-region volume replication; Attaching a volume to multiple instancesObject Storage: Auto Tiering; Managing Access and Authentication; Object Storage Lifecycle Management; Object Storage Replication; Object Storage Versioning; Object Storage Retention Rules; Object Storage LoggingFile Storage: File Storage Security; Snapshots and CloningDatabase: Autonomous Concepts; Autonomous Database Administration; Provision an Autonomous Database; Connecting to the Autonomous Database; ADB Backups and Recovery; Securing Autonomous Database; Monitoring Autonomous Database;ADB Cloning; Database Concepts; Creating a Database System; Managing DB Systems; Oracle Data Guard; Securing the Database Systems; MySQL on OCI; NoSQL on OCISecurity: Cloud Guard; Demo: Cloud Guard; Security Zones and Security Advisor; Vulnerability Scanning; Vault; Vault Deep Dive; Vault Secrets; Web Application Firewall WAF; BastionObservability and Management: Monitoring; Logging; Logging Analytics; Events Service; Operations Insight; Application Performance Monitoring