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3 MODERN Acrylic Impressionistic Landscape Paintings
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-01-03
  • Author: George-Daniel Tudorache
  • Provider: Udemy

3 MODERN Acrylic Impressionistic Landscape Paintings


Do you want to learn a new simple and easy acrylic technique?Want to paint joyful and colorful landscapes in acrylics?Then this is the class for you.You will learn:How to make 3 totally different modern landscape paintingsHow to use acrylics.The basic principles of painting and you will see how to use brushes and other tools.To mix your colors and how to get the best results.About composition and atmospheric perspectiveEasy to use tips and tricks with vibrant images to help you learn faster with little effort.Learn to create acrylic landscapes with clean and vibrant colors. This is an easy to follow course for beginner to advanced artists who want to start working with acrylic paint.Even if you are a beginner at acrylic painting, by the end of this course you will feel like a real artist! You will be amazed to see how easily you painted, without much work, it will be relaxing.Creating these paintings will get you in touch with nature. By painting very colorful and luxurious vegetation.Welcome to the world of landscape painting.You do not need any prior knowledge of paintingAcrylic painting is a relatively easy medium to learn, because of the creamy texture, ability to blend smoothly and clean colors, water soluble and of course you can use it in so many forms: on canvas, wood, paper, glass and other materials.It's a great place to start an artistic journey.Another great thing about acrylic is that they are fast drying paints that can be used straight from a tube, like oil paints, or can be thinned with water, like watercolor. They are extremely versatile and vibrant, offering the artist a wide range of textures, colors and consistencies.Many people would like to learn to paint but they feel intimidated by the process.In this course, you will learn color mixing, brush-handling and mark making. Save the details and smaller brushes for the end.You will learn all the secrets of acrylic painting, how to play with light and shadow to create a great contrast. This is the perfect painting for your child’s room!