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A2Z of Money
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-02-10
  • Author: Elearnmarkets Courses
  • Provider: Udemy

A2Z of Money


Calling all concerned parents and progressive school mentors of bright and energetic, pre-teen middle-schoolers. Your wards, in classes 6-8, are probably in their most impressionable phase, on the verge of becoming teenagers and entering high school. We have designed this innovative, interactive, extra-curricular module to channel their vast energies into learning something that’s both exciting as well as useful. “A2Z of money”- is an introduction to the magical world of money, banking, and finance, simply presented, in easy-to-understand modules.This course is designed to help the participants to realize by themselves how to make the correct choice when faced with tempting spending options.Digitization has led our children to perceive most things as instant, and in real-time. The course will try to correct the impression that earning money is as easy as spending it.Importantly, students will learn how a saving habit can result in a lifetime’s control over extravagance.TOPICS COVERED:The following topics have been covered in this course:Understanding the Traditional Medium of ExchangeTransition from Currencies to Promissory NotesEvolution of the Banking SystemRole of the Central BankParticipants in the EcosystemWhat is Digital Money?Understanding the concept of digital paymentsHow to manage money efficiently & effectively?Understanding the types of interest earned.What does Power of Compounding do?What happens when the prices of everything rises?What steps to take after saving money?