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Algorithmic Trading Intro: From Basics To Bots
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 07h 19m 11s
  • Release date: 2021-11-17
  • Author: Nidia Sahjara
  • Provider: Udemy

Algorithmic Trading Intro: From Basics To Bots


Course Highlights: No installs are required for running Python (usually this can be tedious)Understand stock charts - be able to look at candlestick charts and explain the trends to your friends Use Python to write a Momentum Time Series Strategy in Python & test its performance Build a trading bot that can execute automated trades on a stock exchangeUse a simple mean reversion strategyBuild a News Sentiment Trading Bot that can execute trades on a crypto currency exchange (Binance)Use news headlines as an indicator to trigger tradesUse your bots to Paper Trade or Live Tradeassumes no prior knowledge of trading, the stock market, crypto currency exchanges or PythonMade for BeginnersIf you are interested in learning Algorithmic training but do not have any prior knowledge on trading or computer programming, this course gives a quick overview of some concepts in trading and some Python practice.Quite often if you enrol in an Algorithmic Trading course, it is assumed that you have some prior knowledge. This course aims to help you with that - to have some prior knowledge before furthering your interest or studies in the Algorithmic Trading direction.This course is ideal for anyone who has NO PRIOR knowledge of:finance & tradingthe stock marketpythoncomputer programming (A Python Beginner's Guide Chapter is included) algorithms/algorithmic tradingNo Installs For Using PythonCoding Environment: Google ColabNo need to do lengthy, tedious Anaconda installs to run Jupyter Notebook on your laptopAll you need is a Gmail accountGoogle Colab is one of the top choices of Professional Data Scientists in the real worldStock ChartsLearn how to read Stock Data on Candlestick chartsIdentify if a day had a Bullish vs Bearish trend from looking at Candlesticks Get familiar with OHLCV DataIdentify A Spinning Top CandlestickUnderstand what Spinning Top Candlestick means in terms of predicting stock trendsS&P 500 An Overview of the Industry Sectors that make up the S&P 500 IndexSource Free Historic Market DataUse the Yahoo Finance Python Library to pull pricing data (FREE)Use Python's Alpaca-Trade-Apia python library for the Alpaca Commission Free Trading APIGet Alpaca API KeysIntegrate these keys into your Python codeBacktestingAn overview - Why backtesting is importantHow different types of Bias can cause misleading backtesting resultsSelection BiasLook Ahead BiasOverfittingTime Series Momentum Strategy In PythonThe concept of time-series momentum trading is explained with engaging on-screen, hand-drawn visualsCreate a time series momentum strategy using PythonPerformance Metrics - Assess The Time Series Momentum StrategyCalculate the performance of your strategy with the Sharpe ratioCalculate Buy & Hold revenue without using the strategyCompare Buy & Hold with the strategy - which performed better?Paper TradingGet introduced to paper trading and create trading bots capable of paper trading on stock market & crypto currency exchangesPythonA Beginner's GuideTwo In-Depth Practical ProjectsBuild An Automated Trading Bot (Used for Live or Paper trading)Build A News Sentiment Cryptocurrency Trading Bot