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An introduction into screen printing.
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 45m 46s
  • Release date: 2021-11-20
  • Author: Chessie Rosier-Parker
  • Provider: Udemy

An introduction into screen printing.


Join me in this class and you will learn how to screen print your own t-shirts and artwork.In this class I will cover the basics of screen printing. From artwork preparation and exposure, to printing and reclaiming your screen. You will find simple, easy to follow lessons that can be implemented by a complete beginner. Here are the lectures:Artwork Preparation. This lecture includes everything you need to know about preparing your artwork. We cover different artwork types, mesh counts, vector and raster images and lastly how to breakdown your artwork ready to be screen printed.Screen Coating and Exposure. This lecture focuses on how to create your screen printing stencil. We cover degreasing your screens, coating screens with emulsion, darkroom set up, exposure times and lastly provide a thorough list of recommended chemicals and equipment to get you started.Screen Printing Technique. This lecture is all about screen printing your design. You will learn about how to set up your workspace according to your budget. This chapter will also cover squeegee choice, ink types, adhesives, printing technique and finally curing your ink.Clean up and reclamation. This lecture covers how to prepare your screen ready for your next print job. This part of the class covers preparation before reclaim, ink removal, emulsion removal, screen storage and a recap on de-greasing. You will also learn about recommended chemicals and techniques for screen reclamation.Students do not need any prior experience to take this class. I will be using professional screen printing equipment however I will also suggest alternative equipment for beginners. Once you have completed this class, you’ll leave with the insider knowledge you need to create screen printed apparel and artwork.