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Become a Top Digital Marketer on Fiverr
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 12h 17m 59s
  • Release date: 2021-11-11
  • Author: Vasily Kichigin
  • Provider: Udemy

Become a Top Digital Marketer on Fiverr


Learn How To Start and Scale your Fiverr Career as a Top Digital Marketer!Thank you so much for your time and checking out this course!MY BACKGROUND·       I grew my reputation on the popular freelancing platform, Fiverr, where I have helped over 11,000 people grow their Social Media presence successfully·       I am currently a Top Rated and a Pro Seller on Fiverr·       I have completed over 21,000 orders on the platform and have received over 8,000 five star reviewsI am super excited for you to start this course! I want to make sure that you learn all about the most important concepts behind becoming a successful Digital Marketer on Fiverr – and exactly what kind of services you can offer. If you are currently selling on Fiverr, this course will show you how to expand into other sub-categories and scale your career with creating proper systems & teams.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS COURSEIn this course I will give you step-by-step guidance with starting and scaling your Fiverr career. We will cover the following :·       Comparing selling on Fiverr vs selling on your own and figuring out how to make customers come to you both ways.·       Analyzing my complete story of getting started on Fiverr and reviewing the mistakes I made (and how to avoid them).·       Finding and creating highly profitable digital marketing gigs. Our goal will be to create gigs where you can have recurring clients·       Optimizing your gig for sales and conversions. I will be sharing practical tips of how to get ranked high in the algorithm·       Upselling your customers 3x - 10x and understanding how to make more loyal and long-terms customers·       Latest Fiverr features such as "Promoted Gigs" and my case study on how it's been performing so far.·       Avoiding negative feedback and solving order issues to make sure you can keep your reputation clean and avoid getting in trouble.·       Turning an angry customer into a happy one.  Ready for my secret formula ?·       Systems and tools for managing orders effectively.·       Using paid ads to scale your Fiverr business.·       Hiring your first team member to let them manage your inbox and work on orders.WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE NOW·       There are still plenty of opportunities to be a successful marketer on Fiverr·       You can build a system where new clients will be coming to you on autopilot through Fiverr·       You will learn exactly what kind of services you can be offering on this platform·       Fiverr is always growing and therefore it provides more chances to build a sustainable agency.·       All the materials and lectures in this course will be updated regularly·       I am continuously growing my agency on Fiverr, so you will always receive new insider up-to-date information from me.