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Calm Tools For Anxious Kids
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 01h 18m 28s
  • Release date: 2021-10-16
  • Author: Stacey Louise
  • Provider: Udemy

Calm Tools For Anxious Kids


In the "Calm Tools for Anxious Kids" course, you will learn:* What happens in a child's brain & body when they feel anxious* How to identify different responses of anxiety * Therapeutic movements & activities* How to communicate with kids during anxiety* Why breathing is calming* Three breathing techniques* How to facilitate a guided relaxation technique * How to empower kids with tools to feel safe & calmThe course is a blend of:*  Kids Yoga breathing exercises* Restorative Yoga* Guided meditation* Art Therapy* Neuroscience* Somatic practices The course is broken down into bite size pieces, using easy to understand language, graphics and demonstrations. Download the notes so that you can follow along and access the scripts to help you know exactly what you need to say. It is ideal if you have watched the FREE course "Breathing for Anxious Kids" (available on the Calm Fairies website) before this course, so that you have a full understanding of how breathing helps kids to feel calm. Whether you work as a health professional (paediatric nurse/ doctor/ OT/ Physio/ Speechy/ Dietician) in a clinical setting, a mental health professional, early learning educator, classroom teacher or parent - this course will have something for you to help you empower kids who experience anxiety, with tools to feel safe and calm.