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Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis Training)
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 09h 12m 45s
  • Release date: 2014-03-18
  • Author: Dan Jones
  • Provider: Udemy

Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis Training)


This course is for those who want to quickly and easily learn how to do Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Join over 10,000 students on this hypnosis course learning from Dan Jones, one of the UK's foremost Ericksonian hypnosis instructors. Dan is committed to supporting you through this hypnotherapy course. He reads every comments and replies to every question (usually within 24 hours - depending on time zone differences).Learn the simple principles which hide behind the complexities seen in Ericksonian hypnotherapy. People often say that the Ericksonian approach to hypnosis and hypnotherapy is too difficult to learn. This isn't the case. There is a lot of complex language patterns, techniques and creative interventions, but, as you will learn in this course, these are all built on really simple principles which I have uncovered from over two decades of studying and clinical practice with the Ericksonian approach.To help you with your learning this course includes: Over 8.5 hours of video lecturesA 119-page PDF workbook of supporting information20 hypnosis inductions and hypnotherapy demonstrationsPDF's of the slides from the video lecturesSix quizzes to check your knowledge as you work through the courseSussex Hypnotherapy Centre completion certification which can be helpful to evidence CPDThis hypnotherapy course will take you on a journey from:The history of hypnosis and why you should use hypnosisTo the work of Milton H EricksonTo the underpinning foundations of Ericksonian HypnotherapyHow to do Ericksonian Hypnotherapy language patternsAnd finally on to how to structure hypnotherapy sessionsBy the time you complete this course you will know how to do hypnotherapy:Without the need for structured hypnotic inductionsWithout the need for hypnotherapy scriptsWithout the need to just do 'suggestion therapy' hypnotherapyYou will know: How to work with clients as unique, individual human beingsHow to tailor what you do to each person as an individualThis Ericksonian hypnosis and hypnotherapy course contains clearly laid out content which is explained well in a calm, relaxing manner allowing you to fully absorb and integrate the concepts and ideas you are learning. To get the most out of this training it is recommended that you take time to absorb and learn from each lesson by going and practising with friends, family and like-minded people, as well as going and observing people and reading books from the recommended reading list to broaden your knowledge. Curiosity is the key to developing mastery and success. It is also good to ask questions and interact with others in the discussion areas of the lectures to get others understandings and views and experiences on different elements of the training.  Current students on the course have describe it as:Valuable, easy to comprehend informationVery high-level teaching and thorough information, you won’t find any course or certification out there like thisEasy to understand and well presentedTeaches what is usually complicated material in an easy and comfortably way to help with solid acquisition and retentionTaught in normal, down-to-Earth languageInformative and interestingGreat information I can immediately implement in my practiceThis course is ideal for:Those that are new to hypnosis and keen to learn about how to do hypnosisThose with experience with hypnosis who perhaps use hypnosis scripts or structured inductions and just suggesting problems away, that want to develop their skill and knowledge at being able to do hypnotherapy with people without the need for structured inductions and just the use of suggestion therapyIt is also ideal for hypnotherapist that perhaps don't have much knowledge or experience with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and want to take a course for continued professional development (CPD)Life-Coaches, NLP Practitioners, Coaches, Counsellors and other therapists that want to learn about Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to add this skill to the therapy or coaching you already offer(Different places in the world have different rules around who can practice as a hypnotherapist. My view is to practice as a hypnotherapist you should undertake extensive live classroom tuition (minimum 120 hours of classroom tuition and minimum 450 hours total training) which teaches therapy and then only work with those client groups you have been trained to work with. If you are totally untrained but have an interest in learning Ericksonian hypnotherapy this course will teach you what you need to know, but I would recommend you shouldn't work as a hypnotherapist based on just taking this course. This course will still teach you advanced communication skills which can be helpful in a wide range of life situations. If you have trained in hypnotherapy, counselling, coaching, or NLP or other similar fields then Ericksonian hypnotherapy should make great additional skills for your tool-box to use with clients you have been trained to work with, and this course should also give you a greater understanding about your use of language and other skills with clients even if you aren't doing hypnosis)Autistic Hypnotherapy instructor Dan Jones, is one of the UK's leading experts on Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with over 20 years experience. He has also authored and contributed to many books and articles on the subject.