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Designing Sales Territories
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-02-05
  • Author: Dr Tasos Galanakis
  • Provider: Udemy

Designing Sales Territories


This course is meant for new sales managers like you that want to gain expertise on how to design or re-design the sales territories that are under your supervision in order to gain the utmost from your sales teams. Most newly appointed sales managers are not aware of the available methods in designing and appointing sales territories (areas) to salespeople. Most of the time they try to use unorthodox methods bringing poor results. Most managers are keen on using their past experience if any in modifying sales areas to increase business' sales effectiveness. But, what about managers with no previous experience? By attending this course you will understand the design process of sales territories, how to select a sales control unit, how to define the potential sales in each sales control unit, how t set temporary sales territories, how to analyze the sales workload by using various KPIs and methods such as ABC or Matrix analysis, how to appoint sales territories to salespeople and several tips on raking your salespeople.  Additionally, you will learn how to set proper sales territories and their route plan, what kind of tool to use during the sales route setting, and how technology can help you in mapping your defined sales routes.