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General Biology practice Exam
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 00m 40s
  • Release date: 2021-09-13
  • Author: Sao Lara
  • Provider: Udemy

General Biology practice Exam


This series of exams are a complement to your currents Biology courses. By purchasing this series, you will be able to answer questions about any biology topics. This course is very comprehensive. After you complete the exams, you will find detailed explanations and illustrations about the right answer. Overall, in the form of practice exams, I will be covering all the biology topics. All the best students! The topics which I'm covering are highly useful for other standardized exams like SAT, DAT, MCAT, ACT, and AP exams. I recommend you review every exam after completion and take notes of the detailed explanations and why you answer a specific question wrong. I will be adding more series of exams, remember that the more you expose yourself to representative questions, the better you will perform the day of the exam.If you need a detailed foundation about any biology chapter, please follow my course since I will be adding independent courses from all the Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Topics. These courses will be inclusive, and all will include 2 practice exams at the end of the chapters. For Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Practice and repetition are a most, as well for any other Science topics.I suggest you get familiar with the Anki flashcards which is a great tool for learning as well.Best of luck!!