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How I booked a part on Gossip Girl & How you can too
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 01h 14m 38s
  • Release date: 2021-10-13
  • Author: Bruce Faulk
  • Provider: Udemy

How I booked a part on Gossip Girl & How you can too


Taught by Bruce Faulk, Carnegie Mellon graduate, Professor of Audition Technique at NYU Tisch, School of the Arts for 10 years and Working actor.   Recently, Bruce booked the reoccurring role of Jimmy on the Gossip Girl reboot along with parts on Blue Bloods, L&O SVU, Prodigal Son & multiple commercials.This class provides a comprehensive guide to auditioning for film & television then how to build and sustain an acting career, instead of hoping to get a job. Students will learn: Step by step how to Audition from home (Self Tape); How to format a winning resume including which roles to use; How to choose, break down and record monologues + film and episodic sides; Networking and the Business of the Business to get an agent and be known by casting directors as a Working actor. Step by step guides to creating and maintaining a Networking spreadsheet, how/when and what to write when sending postcards. cover letters & emails and much more specific guidance on how to build a career. The focus of the class will be on preparing students for real auditions, getting work and building a Career.COURSE GOALSBy the end of the course, students will have the tools to be confident, prepared professionals who know how to audition and have step by step strategies for building an acting career.