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How to Find, Hire, and Train a Freelance Virtual Assistant
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 01h 27m 37s
  • Release date: 2021-11-02
  • Author: Erin Booth
  • Provider: Udemy

How to Find, Hire, and Train a Freelance Virtual Assistant


“One of the things we can do to avoid burning out is to become more effective delegators. At first, it’s hard letting go, but trust me folks, once you start letting go of the steering wheel a little, you’ll want to hire a full-time driver sooner or later!” ~ Chris DuckerIt's hard to delegate effectively. Handing over a part of your business to someone, especially for the first time, is a leap of faith. That's where this course comes in. This is your time-saving roadmap to help you find, hire, and delegate to a trusted VA.This course is designed to help entrepreneurs, managers, and busy professionals who want to achieve more while working less, free up their time, and master the skill of delegating to high-quality virtual assistant.Effective delegation can grow your income and free up your time.When you think of "delegation," what comes to mind first? Most people think of handing off things like calendar management and appointment setting. While you certainly should delegate those tasks, the real value is to learn how to delegate tasks that have a high return on investment and earn you money. Would you rather delegate making a dinner reservation, or delegate a list of leads that will help generate income for your business? By the end of this course, not only will you know how to find and hire a virtual assistant, but you'll have all the tools, methods, and strategies you need to outsource and delegate effectively, including:60-minutes of video training broken into palatable, easy to remember bites.Text based lessons that you can revisit and reference again and again.Mindset shift exercises primed to help you release control (slowly but surely).Example tasks that a virtual assistant can help you with, as well as a Delegation Blueprint eBook.Scripts and templates to help you get the most value from your assistant.Writable checklists and PDFs to help you plan out your own workflow and expectation.Exercises to help you determine which tasks you can delegate immediately.A job posting template and suggested platforms to help find your first virtual assistant.A lesson on creating secure contracts when hiring an assistant.Onboarding methods for training your assistant.Who this course is for:While this course is intended for entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and managers, it's also open to anyone who wants to be more productive by learning how to delegate successfully.This course is made by a VA, who also hires her own VAs.I'm Erin and I've been a virtual assistant since 2012. I've worked with clients across all industries, including but not limited to: Big Data Wealth ManagementVenture CapitalFilm and Live ProductionsArchitecture and Green Energy I've worked with teams in Fortune 500 companies and solopreneurs. People who hire VAs all have something in common: It's hard to delegate effectively. Over the last decade, I've coached my own clients to help them shift from "micromanager" to a "leadership mindset."Whether you've tried to delegate (unsuccessfully before) or are looking to shore up your delegation skills, you will find immense value in this course. I'm excited to see you in the course, let's get started!