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introduction to materials and procedural shaders in blender
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 56m 25s
  • Release date: 2021-10-19
  • Author: Businge Ismail
  • Provider: Udemy

introduction to materials and procedural shaders in blender


f you are new to blender, blender can be overwhelming, there so much to learn and choosing where to start is difficult, in this course i will help you make that choice by getting you started in the most used part of blender, making materials.every model, every render you make will fill incomplete with out materials, after all have you ever seen any object in real like without materials.this is going to be a continuing series as blender keeps on changing so should the training materials and thats what this will be, i will constantly update the course material where necessary or on your request, especially because i made this course because it was constantly requested on my live streams.Lectures;01 using transparent textures and alpha maps in blender02 transforming textures using texture coordinate mapping in blender03 remove texture tiling or repeating in blender04 how to blend or mix two different textures in blender05 how to blend or mix more than two texture in blender06 how to make low resolution textures look high resolution in blender07 how to turn image textures in to useable realistic materials08 how to use textures as masks in blender09 how to use object mapping in blender10 how to use an objects to control the texture coordinates of a texture11 uv mapping in blender12 how to create procedure textures tiles in blender13 how to creating metal surfaces in blendermore to come:course will be updated on a monthly basis to cover more area