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Joint-Wise Yoga
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 03h 00m 19s
  • Release date: 2021-11-15
  • Author: David Crenshaw
  • Provider: Udemy

Joint-Wise Yoga


Joint-Wise Yoga is for beginning students who have "issues in their tissues" (Who doesn't?) and for yoga teachers and health care professionals who want to teach joint-healthy practices to their students and patients. The course teaches 7 joint-wise movement and alignment principles, 12 beginner level yoga postures, and 5 therapeutic breathing practices. By the end of the course you will have a simple, well-rounded practice that is good for you and your joints.You will learn the same step-by-step lessons that I teach my patients who are experiencing chronic joint pain. In fact, now I use this course as the framework to treat them. It works!We begin with how to do forward bends, back bends, side bends, and twists in the healthiest ways for the joints. Next, we learn what a neutral spine position really is and how to progress towards achieving it. Then we build the yoga postures from there. You will learn how the postures are relevant to daily activities. For example, chair pose, as the name implies, relates to how we get in and out of a chair using good body mechanics. You learn how to maintain a stable spine position when moving the arms and legs--so essential for good posture and essential for good joint health in the shoulders, hips and spine. The student will understand how to avoid faulty movement patterns while bending and twisting--patterns that may cause damage to the discs and vertebrae over time. By moving and aligning better the stage is set for joint-health and healing to occur. Does the way you breathe effect your joints? After the lessons you will say, yes it does!You will learn how the respiratory diaphragm functions at its best during normal respiration, and at its worst with stressed out, anxiety-induced patterns. You will experience a calmer state of mind and a deeper sense of relaxation while doing the breathing methods taught in the course. Stressed out? The lessons offer tools to help. The course includes 12 videos: 6 educational presentations and 6 practice sessions. A downloadable practice reminder page is available at the end of each lesson. Joint-Wise Yoga offers joint-healthy therapeutic principles, but in a way that is simple to understand and apply. By course end, you will have a whole body program that feels good to do and takes only 15-20 minutes per day to complete. Learning yoga--and how to take care of your joints--is a wise decision!