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Music composition simplified: a guide to five ways that work
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 01h 45m 16s
  • Release date: 2021-09-13
  • Author: Andri Andrianarisoa
  • Provider: Udemy

Music composition simplified: a guide to five ways that work


Composing simplified: five ways that work, is a course the teaches you how to look at music in a practical way. In this course we do not dwell on the details but rather how to put the details together so we can achieve, a song. Focused on the why rather than the how. When you understand the why, the how is where you have fun. In this course, you will learn:How to start and finish a composition from drums - melody - sample - lyrics - chordsLearn how to identify the five components of a song and how they use them Learn song form Practical guide to how chord progressions work, to better suit your style and emotions Practical guide to melodies You will learn so much more, i just do not want to bore you with text How the course is presented: The course is a mix of videos, images, and text. it also includes the Logic sessions for the example songs used in the course, midi and WAV files to assist you for the course. They are royalty free so you can do whatever you want, sample, re-arrange, use in your demos or projects. After this course: When you apply the concepts, guidelines, and of course practice, you will have five options to start a composition from and make full songs, fearlessly.