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NLP in Business: How to set SMART goals
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-01-21
  • Author: Matthew Barnett
  • Provider: Udemy

NLP in Business: How to set SMART goals


Matt Barnett has been working as a coach since the 1990s and  has helped thousands of people, coaches and trainers to learn the art of successful goal setting. Now you can add this Certification to you skill set with expert training from a leader in the field of personal developmentDiscover why some people seem to hit every goal they set while others hardly ever doLearn the most effective way to set goals so that you hit them every timeDiscover how to work with clients to create compelling goals that result in success every timeLearn about the Unconscious Goal Getting machine within you so that you can achieve your goals on auto pilot 24 x 7As an expert in NLP and human behaviour, I design my courses in the best way for you to absorb the information. This method will probably be new to you and it is important that you go with the process I use predicates and NLP techniques in my training which includes a form of repetition that ensures that you will absorb the information.Become a certified SMART Goals Coach so that you can get bigger, better, and more impressive results for your clients.Also use the skills you learn to enhance your personal life . Become more effective at work . Hit all of your personal goals and live life to the max