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OOPS ABAP Interview Questions and Answer Made Easy
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 04h 26m 55s
  • Release date: 2021-08-23
  • Author: Pankaj Kumar
  • Provider: Udemy

OOPS ABAP Interview Questions and Answer Made Easy


This course will be helping to crack the OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING  related Interview Q & A.This course is part of the ABAP ritual initiative for the purpose of helping all categories of Consultants to Crack the interview for OOPS ABAP in a simple way.This contains the Answer Explanation in Depth so that it can be remembered longer and not forget at the time Interview.Repetition is the key for any Interview Preparation so before starting the Next session previous session has been revised and covered in detail. If someone doesn't want to listen they can skip. However, for Fresher/Low Experienced candidates, it is highly recommended to not skip any part.This OOPS ABAP Question's and answer video is different from traditional Videos. These are not Plane videos, but with a lot of interactiveness and explanations in detail so that viewer won't feel bored.Request you to visit some sample videos which will give a better idea of how classes have been conducted.Below Questions have been answered:-What is the use of LAYOUT-EDIT in ALV?What is the use of Emphasize option in ALV?How to get the Row Colo, Cell Color, and Column Color in ALV? How to display the checkbox in ALV output How to do Edit in ALV outputHow to perform Sum in ALVHow to show Checkbox in ALV output What is Strategy Design PatternWhat is the SOLID Design PrincipleWhat is Control FrameworkWhat are the different types of ControlsWhat is FLUSH Method?What is Dispatch Method?What is Automation ControllerWhat is Automation QueueWhat is Factory Design PatternWhat is Different Category of Design Pattern - Creational, Structural and BehaviouralWhat is MVC – Model View ControllerWhat is Proxy Design PatternWhat is Adapter Design PatternWhat is Facade Design PatternWhat is Template Design PatternWhat is Decorator design PatternWhat is Composite Design Pattern( Structural Design Pattern)Example of the event with parameterHow to register the static Event?What are the different types of object services?What are persistent data and transient data?What is a persistence class and how to create it?What is actor, Base, and Agent Class?What is a Design pattern?What is Singleton Design Pattern?How to achieve the singleton design pattern?What is Widening Cast?What is Narrowing Cast?Define Constructor Hierarchy?How to Achieve Multiple Inheritance?What EVENTS?How to register the Method with EVENT?How to Deregister the Event?How to Trigger the EVENT?What is the rule for Static Event?Can we raise the instance event inside the static Method?What are the Exception and their different types?What is the root Class of Exception?What is the CLEANUP command?What are the different types of Object Services?Design Pattern Basics What is CLASS Constructor and ConstructorWhat is the Difference between Abstract Class and InterfaceWhat is UML Diagram?How to represent PUBLIC, PRIVATE, PROTECTED and STATIC etc using UML Diagram?What is the Association?What is Aggregation?What is Composition?What is Casting?What is Widening Cast?What is Narrowing Cast?HighlightsThe rule for Static Constructor?What is the rule for Static Method?When to use a Static Method?Why we should not use the static method?What is the different type of polymorphism?What is the difference between Overloading and Overriding?Is overloading supported by ABAP?What is LOAD Key Word?What is DEFERRED Key Word?What is Constructor HIerarchy?SUPER KeywordDifference between Abstract Class and InterfaceTypes ConstructorDifferent types of constructor - Class Constructor and Instance ConstructorNormal Method and Special MethodWhat kind of parameters are supported by Constructor?The rule for Static ConstructorWhy OOPS ABAP?What is the problem with Procedural programming?What are the features of OOPS ABAP? What is the use of Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, PolymorphismWhat is Class?Access through Class name and instanceStatic Attribute and Instance Attribute?What is ObjectWhat is SUPER Keyword?