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Procreate: The Fast Guide
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 04h 39m 31s
  • Release date: 2021-11-18
  • Author: Simon Foster
  • Provider: Udemy

Procreate: The Fast Guide


Want to get painting with Procreate but you're in a hurry? Aren't we all! So this course is designed especially for you. Everything you need and nothing you don't, all in one course that tells you all the important stuff in record time.This is the course for people who want to get up to speed with Procreate in double speed time. But I'm not selling you short on technique. Nope. I've brought my 30+ years as a designer to this course to select the main tools and techniques you will need to create great paintings. This is all about getting you started with painting in Procreate. I don't cover animation or 3d painting. I concentrate on painting and the tools you need to do the job effectively.So why is this course different? I offer you a series of videos explaining the various tools and features of Procreate, and these videos are time stamped - at the start of each video I give the times where I talk about the various topics I cover. That way you can go straight to the point in the video where I talk about the particular bit you want to know about. I also include a PDF which lists the various topics I cover in the reference videos. This is going to be a huge time saver for you because you don't have to search though an entire video to find the bit you want to revise.But I also give you workflow videos at the start of the course because just learning the tools isn't enough. You need to know when and why to use the tools in Procreate to be an effective artist. What's more, at various points in the workflow videos I'll use a tool, and I'll put up a caption showing you the title and time in the reference video where I focus on that particular tool. That why this is the Fast Guide. You can find the information you want quickly.This course has been designed to as a speedy and compact alternative to my more extensive Procreate: Solid Foundations course I offer here at Udemy. So you if you want to deepen your knowledge after this course, I've got you covered. This course may be for people in a hurry. But I still bring the same philosophy to this course as I do to all my courses. Knowing what a tool does is not enough. You have to know why and when to use it. That way you gain understanding as well as technique. I'll give you both in record time!