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SC-200 Microsoft Security Operations Analyst 3 Practice Test
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 02m 12s
  • Release date: 2021-10-26
  • Author: Exam Pass Academy
  • Provider: Udemy

SC-200 Microsoft Security Operations Analyst 3 Practice Test


Welcome to SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst - 3 practice tests - Pass guarantee(Same duration of the official exam)Answers & Resources included1 official exam = (40-60 questions - 150 mins)1 practice test = (44 questions - 150 mins)Total number of questions = 132 questions- if you solve these tests, you will be able to solve the official exam easily.because these tests have the same difficulty of the official exam or higher (slightly higher difficulty) to strengthen you against the official examPoints covered in the Exams (Same points of the official exam):● Mitigate threats using Microsoft 365 Defender (25-30%)● Mitigate threats using Azure Defender (25-30%)● Mitigate threats using Azure Sentinel (40-45%)The Objectives are distributed among the practice tests with answers and detailed explanations and resource links – (If available) for every questionThese practice tests allow you to attempt Three Times within the same duration of the official exam with the same topics to adjust your focus-areas and cut down on study time and prove your readiness to take the official can use all Three Exams in whatever way suits your preparation workflow.These exams are time-limited exactly like the official exam to make you stronger at solving the exam.Different types of questions including scenario-based questions and normal multiple-choice questions similar to the questions you find in the official exam.Hotspot questions and the most common questions which are more likely to be found in the official exam.Join students who found these practice tests useful and sent me a thank you message after passing the official exam.