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SFO - Forex Trading Master Class
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 03h 23m 39s
  • Release date: 2021-11-19
  • Author: Tevin Marshall
  • Provider: Udemy

SFO - Forex Trading Master Class


The SFO Master Class is full of strategies, tools and approaches to the markets you have probably never seen before. You will learn so much about becoming a proficient and knowledgeable trader. We will not only discuss systems and stratagem. But the foundational structure and building blocks that makes them successful. This course includes a full trading regiment, strategy and system that you can use right out of the gate. The Beauty of learning systems and regiments in the forex industry is because you can invest, manage and grow your own financial assets without the help or interference of others. To have complete control over wins, losses and method is one of the greatest skillsets to attain as an investor. Use this course as an opportunity to become independent and be in charge of your own trading destiny. Classes in this course includes: 1. Risk & Reward Ratios 2. Forex Time Framing3. Support & Resistance 4. The Power of Correlation5. Trend Trading & The SFO Trend Racer 6. Reversals, Ranges & 123s7. Trade ToolsContinue to comeback and reference these courses as you learn all of the information and how to use it on your trading journey. They will be of great use down the line if the information is properly applied.