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Spanish Tapas Cuisine by APCA chef online
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 03h 42m 13s
  • Release date: 2021-11-17
  • Author: APCA CHEF Online
  • Provider: Udemy

Spanish Tapas Cuisine by APCA chef online


Chef Gabriel is a very well known chef with a great experience and expsure in Europe and Asia. he has worked previosly ina 2 michellin star restaurant in spain and have open spanish tapas clubs in Singapore and  Malaysia.He is presenting 21 different recipes of tapas in this program -Garlic Prawn - One of the most popular of the Spanish cuisine mainly in the south of the countryBeef meatball - Juicy meatballs with tomato sauce and seasonal vegetablesSauteed Mushroom - A classic mixture of several type of mushrooms and scrambled egg, easy and delicious.Chicken wing with roated red pepper dip - Crispy chicken wings with a mild roasted red pepper sauceSalmorejo Cordobes - A Classic cold tomato soup elaborated with seasonal ingredientsMackerel Galician Pie - Tasty pie from the north of Spain, crunchy dough and exquisite fillingSeafood stuffed with piquillo pepper - Piquillo pepper is a delicious sweet roasted pepper suitable for stuffing or sidesBaby squid with wagye sausage - Classic Tapa of the eastern coastal townsGarlic chicken - Classic Spanish elaboration with a slightly spicy touch, crispy chicken, garlic.Gazpacho - Classic Cold tomato soup from the south of SpainTempura Fish - Classic frying fish with a delicious original Catalan sauce made from dried fruitsStuffed Mushroom - Juicy stuffed mushrooms au gratin with Spanish Manchego cheeseCastellana soup - Soup made with garlic and paprika flavored with eggChicken Skewer - Chicken seasoned with a classic mixture of spices typical of southern Spain, influenced by proximity to the Arab countriesEggplant chip - Crispy different way to eat a delicious eggplantPumpkin Soup - Interesting soup with a different touch thanks to the quail eggsSteamed clam - assic between the classics of the Spanish cousinEnsaladilla rusa - Refreshing Spanish summer dish typical in every corner of the countryPotato Bravas - One of the most popular, easy and tasty tapas in Spanish gastronomyDeep fried Calamari- Crispy fry Calamari with mahonese sauceBeef Cachapo - Recipe from the north of Spain, juicy breaded beef fillet stuffed with Manchego cheese