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Sports Psychology MasterClass Part 3 by Psico.Sportiva
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-02-16
  • Author: Leonardo Gumucio
  • Provider: Udemy

Sports Psychology MasterClass Part 3 by Psico.Sportiva


This third part of the Sports Psychology MasterClass by Psico.Sportiva is dedicated to sharing a series of tools and exercises that are extremely effective and will serve you as resources to be able to apply in both training and competition scenarios and regulate or control the outcome you are looking for. The first exercise refers to a patterned breathing exercise that is destined to help you stabilize your physical and mental state by relaxing your body by means of the repetitions in breathing that you apply. Whenever you get the feeling of anxiety of stress, this simple exercise is guaranteed to balance the state you have at such a moment and benefit from gaining a pause and moment of mindfulness to recompose and reset the previous state, in order to carry on with that task at hand. The second exercise is similar in the way of possessing a tool that will teach you how to program your arousal and activation  state. Whether you are an athlete that prefers to train or compete with an elevated or low arousal, this resource is found to be an interesting method to plan ahead and decide how you want your body to feel. The third exercise refers to a complete progressive relaxation of all the muscle groups of your body. A tool that is very helpful the night before a competition for example, or to gradually relax a certain muscle group on your body when you feel the need to. It is a great ability to master because it can be used under any type of circumstance that may take place in an sports environment. Finally the fourth tool is one of the most important exercise an athlete can turn to when he or she is looking for a deeper and more profound connection with a certain execution or action they may want to take in their physical activity. By the means of imagining the feelings and sensations with plenty of details, this resource is a must have in your repertoire due to the effect it has, as well as everything it has to offer.