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Strategic Planning Workshops: Develop An Effective Strategy
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-01-17
  • Author: Peter Alkema
  • Provider: Udemy

Strategic Planning Workshops: Develop An Effective Strategy


“James, you really know what strategy is, and what work you have to do, to do it.” – Michael Utvich (Automotive Industry Strategy Consultant)“Your process has been quite amazing. And as everybody has said, your approach and your tools have actually assisted us to arrive at this point in time so quickly.” – Tina E (Group Managing Director)“I came away from it with a much clearer vision, new feasible and achievable objectives and in particular what was on the hearts of my staff in these most difficult of times.” – Louis Fourie (OHS Consultancy)“I found this exceptionally valuable.” – Gerhard S (Group Executive)What is the value of an actionable strategic plan, effectively executed? What percentage increase in revenue/market share/EBITDA do you want to achieve over 3 years? What value would you attach to a method, training and tools that enabled you to achieve this?In this online course learn about what strategic thinking really is and how you should approach the strategic planning process in your organisation. Dr Robertson draws on his economics, engineering and military experience to present a very structured and systematic strategic mindset.Learn and apply the concepts, tools and methods that will help you quickly and accurately analyze your strategic environment. Learn how to approach the development of a detailed, prioritized strategic action plan that will guide your organization in delivering the value you know is there. In this course you will get:The StratMap© and StratSnap© strategy tools for preparing and managing your workshop as well as harvesting and analysing critical planning informationDemonstration lessons on these tools showing you how to use them as part of the strategic planning process you will learnLessons about running strategic planning workshops in a micro-learning format; each lesson presents 3-5 executive learning outcomes that you can immediately apply and take advantage of in your businessA systematic and structured approach to the development of strategic plans; a no-nonsense direct message that cuts through the hype of strategic consultingAn overview of the strategic planning process; the tools and method, governance, focus questions, strategic map, how to approach brainstorming, synthesis of critical factors and the right mindset for converting critical factors into an implementation planA full understanding of what strategy is, what it is not and how it actually drives business successCase studies that help you understand the essence of strategic thinking so that you have practical reference points for the concepts and definitions that are taught in this courseEnrol today so that you can learn and apply data-driven, software enabled methods that are based on the essence of true strategy for fundamental and long lasting transformational change in your organisation. Take advantage of Dr James Roberston's decades of experience and straight talking teaching.