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The Real Estate Invoice Contract Download & Guide
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 38m 57s
  • Release date: 2021-08-30
  • Author: Ben Clardy
  • Provider: Udemy

The Real Estate Invoice Contract Download & Guide


You're about to download and learn how to use one of the most important Real Estate contracts you'll ever own...The Real Estate INVOICE Contract!Now, let me just tell you - this is not your average Invoice. This particular contract has been successfully used in over 300 closings. It's been continually developed, simplified, and fine-tuned throughout a decade of continual use. It's been scrutinized & approved at an expense of over $10,000 by multiple contract lawyers. It's been through dozens of different closings offices and title companies in different States across America. It's been used to successfully close deals in as many as 17 different countries by various other students and Real Estate Investors.Suffice it to say that this Invoice is SPECIAL.Sound interesting? It definitely should because you'll also be able to use this Invoice contract for yourself!That's right - as part of this course you'll download a copy of my PROVEN Invoice, but the value doesn't stop there because you'll also be taken through the entire contract, line by line, with detailed explanations so that you come out of the course with a COMPLETE understanding of how the Invoice contract works.My contract will provide you with additional ways to monetize deals, pay out contractors & birddogs, and become a more well-rounded Real Estate Investor as a result.This Invoice is very multi-use and lends itself to many different Real Estate investing strategies such as...- FIX & FLIP: Buy low, add value, then sell high to owner occupants.- WHOLESALING: Earn chunks of profit risk-free with assignments and double-closings.- RENTALS: Grow a rental portfolio for passive income and appreciation.As you can see, regardless of what your primary investment strategy is, you will benefit by putting my Invoice contract to work in your business.If you really boil it down, there are 3 reasons why my Invoice is the best you can get...- REASON #1: Unbeatable Simplicity!- REASON #2: Unmatched Protection!- REASON #3: Unequalled Effectiveness!- REASON #4: Unequivocally Proven!Do I really need to say more?Enroll in the course, download the Invoice, and take your Real Estate business to the next level.I'll see you inside!-Ben