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Training of a Champion: Sabre Fencing
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2021-11-24
  • Author: Dr. Gennady Tyshler
  • Provider: Udemy

Training of a Champion: Sabre Fencing


The system of fencing training presented in this instructional coaching course has been developed over many years. It has grown out of the operational experience of the authors as trainers, as well as their pedagogical experiments and the analysis of their research. Lessons with Dr. David Tyshler - S. Ibragimov - World Champion, V. Prokin - Individual Junior World Champion.The engagement of blades during maneuvering and preparations for attacks (parries with riposte) are practically absent due to the striving of the participants for a phrase start initiative. Therefore, in the starting situation prior to attack, the blade is usually in the tierce position or in between the tierce and quatre, with the guard and point leading, directed towards the opponent.The possibilities of executing cuts with the full sabre edge and to any side of the torso, to the mask and the weapon arm, have determined significant advantages of cuts as compared to point hits, as well as the preference in their execution with coupes as opposed to disengagements. Further, the blade movements in the vertical directions during execution of cuts allow for more frequent avoidance of collisions with the defender’s blade, as opposed to execution of hits, where horizontal directions are more characteristic.The technical ease of executing cuts from all sides, particularly from above, as well as diagonally to inside and outside sectors, makes attacks the more effective methods of conducting bouts and creates difficulties in applying parries. In addition, the effectiveness of attacks is increased through an increase in their duration due to a starting distance of four meters and more, and by combining two attacks into a continuous combination. In that case, the attacker, particularly when chasing the opponent, gets the possibility to execute a cut into an opening sector, or to deflect a counter-attack in approach and execute a riposte.Technical & Tactical Sabre TrainingThis video course includes: Basic Technique, Exercises for a Sabre Manipulation, Footwork combinations, Training of Beginner in Fencing, more...