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Transform Your Life by Living Inside Out
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 01h 48m 02s
  • Release date: 2021-09-06
  • Author: Veena Sampathkumar
  • Provider: Udemy

Transform Your Life by Living Inside Out


Transform Your Life by Living Life Inside OutIn this fast-paced world, we are all busy doing and do not seem to know about just being. The high pace, buzz and activities typically give happiness that quickly goes away. Many of us have a big social circle yet feel lonely. A number of us carry the weight of the past and struggle to move forward in life. Few live with a mask on and feel like they must prove to the world that they have a wonderful life. Some of us have the privilege of being parents but feel totally lost when it comes to parenting in this gadget and post pandemic age. And then there are many that seem to have it all and yet rather unhappy and discontented. We are also grappling increasing number of people suffering from mental illnesses and are being put on long term medication with no solution. Technology has advanced, the world has shrunk, but the human race is not at peace.One of the fundamental reasons for all this is that we are not taught about how we experience life; how we create the world we live in; or how to navigate life with all its ups and downs. If only we knew more about ourselves, much of the problems stated above will cease to exist. The course has been created to help you transform the way you live life. In a materialistic world, we seem to live life from the outside; allowing the world to live in our head. Life was meant to be lived inside out. This course is really for everyone, across all age groups, across all professions. It will be particularly helpful if you are looking to· Boost your self confidence· Live in the now· Stop feeling stuck and make progress instead· Uncover your full potential· Be able to enjoy life· Be less anxious and stressed· Have good relationships· Improve your resilienceI have put together this course to shine the light on our inside. The solutions lie inside us, not in the outside world. But most of us need some guidance and coaching to help see this. Coaching has become a very lucrative business and not everyone can afford a personal coach. This was one of the reasons I structured and delivered this course as if I was coaching you. Throughout the course, I tried to serve you as your coach. If you had been in a 1-1 coaching session, I would have explained several things and asked you many reflective questions. I would have also shared anecdotes from my life. I have done all that in this course. You could even close your eyes and listen to the course like an audio book and take time to reflect.Many coaching programs I have come across teach techniques after techniques and there are a few in which there is so much talking that the listener struggles to understand what the coach is trying to convey. I have kept the delivery concise. This course will help you start seeing and importantly feeling the wisdom in you and in others. Wisdom has nothing to do with age, it is in everyone across all age groups. So, you may be a young adult or a senior pensioner, I am positive you will still have something to take away from this course. Whether you are a parent and want help with parenting or a leader of an organisation you cannot deny the importance of knowing about yourself. This will also help you deal with children and people in your life because it all applies just as much to them as it does to you. Here is a quick overview of what has been covered in the course:1. How we create a map of our world – this is based on neuroscience and neuro linguistic programming2. How the brain moves from known to unknown to make sense of things3. An understanding of how to make a change, we need to understand the level of the problem4. Begin to understand where our experience is coming from – we discuss about mind, consciousness and thought5. Self talking and the movies or stories we say to ourselves6. We go further deep inside us and discuss innate wisdom, wellbeing, resilience7. Where feelings come from8. All important topic about your identity. It is important to know who we are; this section is almost a myth buster9. What insights are and what to do with the chatter in our mind10. What could you do in everyday life to harness the wisdom within and live life inside out, so you are contended, peaceful and happy11. Relevance and application of everything I talked about in the course. I have done this by sharing my own experience and storiesWhile there are many transformational coaching courses out there, very few of them go upstream like this one. For example, Emotional Intelligence courses teach awareness and response technique but with the knowledge you gain in this course, you will be able to see the real meaning and source of emotions and deal with them better. I have benefitted incredibly from my journey of understanding the truth behind life and experiencing life. The quality of my relationship within the family has improved tremendously. I am far more at peace than before. It has helped me be a better parent and be more present. I have tried to share my learning with you and sincerely hope you benefit from it. Everyone deserves a little help in life, and I would really appreciate if you give me the opportunity to help you by taking this course.