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Your Resilient Brain and You, a User's Guide
  • Level: All Levels
  • Duration: 00m
  • Release date: 2022-02-16
  • Author: Norton S. Beckerman
  • Provider: Udemy

Your Resilient Brain and You, a User's Guide


Recent technology and research have proved that we've misunderstood the human brain and the role it plays in who we are, what we can do, and who we can be. That misunderstanding has caused us to take our brain for granted, ignoring its needs, and that has led to a population whose brains get less and less healthy and function less effectively with age. You can prevent the declining health and functioning of your brain, and because your brain is resilient, it can be brought back to good health and tip-top functioning shape. That's what my course is all about. In Section One, I identify the beliefs about our brain that are simply not true and why. I will explain how your senses interact with memory. I explain how memory works, what interferes with it, and what causes the problem. In Section Two, I cover your brain's internal support system and your brain's external support system. I show how the two are interrelated and why your brain's internal support system depends on how well your brain's external support system has been maintained. I don't just say do this or do that. I will explain why each element in the brain's support systems is important and how they affect the health and functioning of your brain. At the end of the course, I go into detail about the foods your brain needs to remain healthy and function at tip-top levels.